Friday, August 31, 2012

Chocolate Coconut Chai Truffles

I am a member of the Slow Food Urban San Diego Food Justice Committee. As a committee we try to meet once per month to discuss projects we’re working on, what the community could use our help with, upcoming events and of course food! Each member generally brings a treat, beverage or dish to pass. These meetings are always a great excuse to spend time whipping up something new and exciting in the kitchen. Last week I made these delicious chocolate coconut chai truffles and they were (not to toot my own horn J) Ah-MAZING!

16 oz of organic dark chocolate chips, chopped (70% or darker)
1 cup of coconut milk (full fat not light)
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla
1 ½ teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon teaspoon of ground cardamom
1 teaspoon of cloves
½ teaspoon of fresh grated ginger
¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or more if you would like them spicier)
2 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut
Small muffin wrappers

Bring a few inches of water to a boil in a double boiler. Have the chocolate in the top part of the double boiler, but not over the heat yet.

In a small saucepan, bring the coconut milk to a boil and then pour it over your chopped chocolate. Using a wooden spoon, stir the chocolate mixture and then set it over the heat. Continue stirring until the chocolate has melted completely and has a smooth creamy texture. 

Add the vanilla and spices and stir again until well mixed. Cover and refrigerate until cool enough to handle. This will take approximately two - three hours.

Rolling Truffles:
Time to get your hands dirty!

First, pour some of the coconut on a large piece of parchment paper. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of space to roll the truffles through the coconut.

Now that your truffle mixture has cooled, and is firm enough to handle, grab yourself a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. The goal is to make one-inch, spherical truffle balls - working as quickly as possible. The warmth of your hands will melt the chocolate making this a rather messy, but FUN, process.

Once you have created your spherical truffle, roll it through the coconut, and then place it on the lined cookie sheet. Keep rolling until all of your chocolate mixture is gone.

What’s next?! Lick your hands! You wouldn’t want to waste all of that delicious chocolate!

Place the truffles in the refrigerator for approximately thirty minutes…or until they firm up again. Once you can handle them, transfer them to individual muffin/truffle cups. Store in a sealed container.

These truffles will keep in the refrigerator for approximately two weeks or in the freezer for up to three months.

* This recipe makes approximately 24 truffles.


  1. i realllly want these! love you jennnnnifer! - jmulvey

  2. Girl - you will LOVE them! So delicious! Oh, and they would make an amazing Christmas gift!